Dj Equipment

Are you confused choosing the right DJ equipment? Doing so can be a daunting task for first timers. The amount of equipment and software available in the market can overwhelm even the most confident of buyers. Take a look at the following tips to help you choose the right gear for yourself.


The budget

How much are you actually willing to spend? The answer would have a major impact on your decision for choosing DJ equipment. Think of the following before you come up with a budget

  • Are you simply thinking of doing it for fun?
  • Would you rather buy something which would serve its purpose well?
  • How serious or dedicated are you towards becoming a DJ?

If you answered yes to the first question you may simply buy a simple DJ system which won’t cost you the moon. However, if you answered yes to both the second and the third question, the following would be a great help in guiding you find the right equipment. 

Basic guide to buying DJ Equipment

Since you are probably starting out a new you have the option of indulging in the latest digital DJing craze. It’s obviously made things a great deal simpler. Those who first started out had to learn from scratch. Scratching vinyl is an art and something which comes only after you gain the necessary experience. If you are in a budget make sure to check out DJ gear from this shop.

All in one DJ Equipment

These all in one sets come along with all the necessary equipment you would need to start DJing professionally. These could include anything from turn table set ups to all in one controller with installed software. The price can range anywhere from $200 to $1000. These are perhaps the most convenient of all DJ equipments but there’s a catch. If one of the equipment like your controller or CD player gives up on you, it would be difficult to run the whole system.

But that’s only a worst case scenario and one which might not likely occur initially when you start out as a DJ.

Do your Research

No matter how many turn table setups, controllers or mixers you may look at, in the end it may simply come down to your own personal preference. No two DJ’s would have the same opinion regarding a particular piece of DJ Equipment. What may work for one might not work for another. Thus make sure that you ask around and then make your own calculated decision to buy the right stuff.

Last but not the least make sure you get your hands on the best and the most comfy headphones ever. That’s because you would be using those headphones most of the time and it’s essential that you are happy wearing them. Maybe you should consider buying one of these DJ Turntables as part of your equipment.

Things like interconnect cables, wiring, needles and speakers all need to be in accord with your equipment. Just make sure you check out the exact stuff which you would need.